Julia Roberts is a name of charm. After being not present in the media for a long time, recently she made her appearance. Her appearance was fabulous as usual. On March 27, she represented herself in the Watchers and Wonders event.


Credit: people

Her appearance

The “Pretty Woman” actress came in front of the camera after a long time. The appearance was simply gorgeous, to say the least. She had bangs that matched her face and aesthetics. The season is good for switching her traditional looks. The transformation made her fans very happy.


Credit: npr

Her wardrobe

Julia always had an excellent choice of fashion. She looks timeless in outfits that complement her perfectly. This time it was not different. She was seen wearing a black long sleeve dress. This dress made her look adorable. Also, the hand gloves matched perfectly with her look.


Credit: elle

Future red carpets

There is no news of her future appearance on any red carpets. Her fans have to wait for a bit to show themselves in front of the public. As much as the fans would love to see her on the screen again. Julia hasn’t spoken about anything yet regarding her future work.