In his latest social media post, Kanye West mentioned that he gets inspired by children and homeless people. This abstract piece of philosophical thought is now being scrutinized by his fans and critics. This pop star is infamously known for his cryptic texts on his social media.


In the middle of the night, the rapper shared a note that reads: “Look to the children… Looks to the homeless… As the biggest inspiration for all design”. And that is it, West offered no context for his latest philosophical text. This is not the first time where Kanye West has explained some critical thought over his social media account. And like every time, he is being criticized for his unclear opinion. Although, not every comment was negative. Some of the people found his thoughts to be meaningful.

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Earlier in this controversial post, he mentioned things that made him appear on the front page. He shared another odd massage regarding Pete Davidson and Kid Cudi. It came just days after when West lost the fifth attorney to represent him. He was dealing with divorce from Kardashian. Due to the social media text West had posted for Pete, he had to take trauma therapy, as he was bullied badly for it on social media.

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This week also saw West, Lil Uzi Vert, and Steve Lacy get matching tattoos. Which tells about their friendship.