After a long time, Kanye West appeared before the media. This year, he has been presented in the media for so many controversial statements, and life decisions. After the antiemetic post, post against black life matters, and divorce from Kim Kardashian, Kanye came to the news headline for his new music album.


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Details about the Album

This Wednesday, December 7, Kanye posted on his Instagram account about his new album. The album’s title is “Someday We’ll All Be Free, “borrowed from Donny Hathaway’s 1973 song. This was also promoted in Alex Jones’s talk show InfoWars.  


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What is the album about?

The media might forget him, But Kanye does not. Most of the lyrics address the controversies that are going around in his life. How he was affected by it, how he tackled it, and what impact was left on him during this hard time; all was mentioned in the lyrics.


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Life after disaster

Kanye is now trying to get back up in his life. After a series of failures and constant falls, he is now trying to get back up. This album is one of the steps of it.