Kate Winslet is a very well-known name in the industry. She is known for her amazing career and sweet smile. But another thing she is very famous for is being kind and supportive. Again, she has proven to herself that she is the person we all need in our lives.


What happened

This actress sat in on an interview to promote her new film. The child reporter was hesitant at first. Without saying anything, Kate mentioned that “this interview is going to be amazing. And the response behind is that they are going to make the interview that way”. Such comforting words coming from a big start are a huge thing.


Fans’ reaction to it

The video of this sweet interaction was viewed 1.2 million times on social media. Fans are loving this situation. They were already in love with Kate, but this made them love her more as a person. She made the child reporter comfortable by saying “You can ask me anything”. As expected, fans are loving this interaction.


Movie Premier and her career

Kate is someone who doesn’t need more introductions from people. She has proven herself in various blockbuster movies and series.