Pebe Sebert, Kesha’s mother, has apologized to her daughter’s fans due to her misconduct. She has accepted all the blame for using controversial lyrics in her song “Cannibal”. The lyric was about the infamous serial “Jeffry Dahmer. Her mother opened up to the audience and begged for forgiveness.


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What happened

Kesha’s song ‘Cannibal” got released in 2010. She used a lyric that featured and talked about the serial killer. At that time, it was a controversial issue, but it didn’t get public attention. After the release of the Netflix series about Jeffry Dahmer, people are now mad about her lyrics.


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About Kesha’s mother

She has released a video on TikTok about the controversy. She has been very understanding and kind towards the fan while apologizing. She mentioned that they understand the gravity of the situation and the act she is ashamed of.


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About Kesha

She has not spoken directly to the media about this issue. No direct post from her is yet to be posted. Kesha is known for her controversy during her peak career. This is not the first time that she has had to speak about her act in front of the public.