South Korean pop-rock band The Rose’s lead singer has shared a colorful video for his new solo track ‘Lazy’. The music video presents the whole day of the Korean-American singer. It follows from a lazy morning in bed to dance practice in the evening. It ends with a party at night.


The laid-back song of this popular band singer also features a rap verse from Show Me The Money alum Reddy. Woosung shared his feeling in a press release. He said, “I have always been lazy in some ways, pushing things off that didn’t interest me as much. The only thing I wasn’t lazy for was music, so I wrote a song about it.” 


He said about the inspiration behind the track. He added, “I think we can all relate to our inner laziness and appreciate both when we are being lazy and being proactive. Balance is key.”


‘Lazy’ is Woosung’s first solo release. Previously he released a solo mini-album, ‘Wolf’ in 2019. Last year, Woosung also contributed the song ‘You Make Me Back’. It was the soundtrack of the popular South Korean drama Itaewon Class.