After Queen Elizabeth’s death, the royal couple is attending various programs this week. They are traveling the north of the U.K nation. The visit started on the day after Elizabeth’s funeral and they are still playing respect to the Queen.


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Continuation of Royal tradition

King Charles the 3rd and Queen Camila are cherishing the tradition after Queen Elizabeth has passed away. The new King and the Queen Consort were seen to drive to church in the north of England on Sunday. As this is a part of a ritual, the new king and queen are taking it seriously.


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What is next on the agenda

King Charles and Queen Camilla are staying in Scotland for nearly one week. They are planning to visit more churches as per tradition and pay tribute to the departed queen. They went to the Balmoral Castle, as the queen used to stay there.


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What else?

The New King and the queen have spent their summer doing local community service. As a member of the royal family and now head of the status, they are planning for the betterment of the people. Also, taking breaks and enjoying time are included in their schedule.