After attending the Christmas day church service, King Charles and The Queen of Consort Camilla with others greeted the people attending the ceremony. This is a ceremony that has been running for years, and on the occasion where ordinary people get to see the royal family.

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People looking for the new king

This event was special, as this has been the first time after 2019 that the royal family spent their Christmas at Sandringham house. So, people were very enthusiastic about the royal family there. Thousands of people were waiting to see just one glimpse of the family and wish them Christmas.

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The king making new history

After a long service of 45 minutes, the king provided a speech to the crowd. This has never been the case during the time of the late queen Elizabeth. Other royal family members joined the king for this event. Prince Louis was one of them. For such events, this has been one unique gathering.

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The late queen was everyone’s mind

Concerning the new king, people were still remembering the memory of the late queen Elizabeth. As this has been the first Christmas without her majesty, people were nostalgic about her.