Lady Gaga is known for her different and bit off-track music. The same would go for the song “Bloody Mary”. It got its fair share of fame after she released it. Recently, the song got viral after it was paired with the dancing scene from the Netflix series “Wednesday”.


Credit: nme

How did it happen?

The trend started in TikTok. People loved the dancing scene on the new series Wednesday. So, a fan paired it with the Bloody Mary song and published it. After that, it took very little time to catch the trend. Now everyone is using the Bloody Mary song for their video.


Credit: miaminewtimes

Lady Gaga’s response to it

As usual, she is so supportive of her fans making something creative out of her song. She even tweeted to Jena Ortega about how happy she was about the pair of the dance scene and the music.


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Jenna’s opinion about the viral video

Jenna Ortega has also expressed her gratitude toward her fans. She mentioned Lady Gaga in a tweet and said how happy she is about the viral trend. After Wednesday being one of the watched shows on Netflix, this is another achievement for her.