This was announced, still, fans were shocked when they saw it. Recently Lady Gaga appeared as a female version of Joker. To be more appropriate, he was the “Harley Quinn” with the Joker. She announced that in the future she is going to work in such a production, but watching her in the role makes everyone astonished. 


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About the promo 

Lady Gaga announced previously that she would be working with Joaquin Phoenix. This time it is about the sequel to the Joker movie. She has taken the part of Harley Quinn. Fans cannot wait to see what Lady Gaga would give them in the performance. 


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About the look 

When she appeared before the crowd, no one could believe their eyes. We all have seen Lady Gaga. Always polished, glamourized, and fancy, and wears top-notch fashion choices that suit her. For the promo, she appeared to win a white clown face, with a loose-fitting jacket, and oily messy hair. Everyone appreciated the look, as it was authentic to Joker. 


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When will the movie come out? 

This is information that is not published yet. It’s confirmed that The movie has started its initial journey toward compilation. Still, the exact release date has not been confirmed by any of the cast or directors.