If we want to talk about popularity among music stars, Lana Del Rey would be among them. This young, beautiful, and complex pop star has been in every newspaper and media for her excellent music and art. But why do people like Lana Del Rey so much? What has she done to earn such love and affection? 


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Her Music sounds like a song 

Lana makes music that simply touches your feelings. They are relatable, yet so complex that it keeps you thinking about the harmony of the lyrics and the music. Also, the melodies she creates are very soothing and charming. It takes you somewhere where you feel peace. 


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Her aesthetics are top notch 

Nowadays, having a great music video is one of the main components of having great music. Lana does it perfectly. Her music videos are aesthetically pleasing. She looks angelic as if the video was done in some heavenly place. Also, her flower looks

are too hard to avoid. 


Credit: cosmopolitan


She and her music 

The main reason why Lana’s music is relatable is that she is honest. She puts herself into her songs, and that shows her authenticity. That’s what gets the people who listen to her music.