In an interview, Lee Pace told about his marriage with his boyfriend Matthew Foley. He confirmed that he got married to his long-term partner Matthew Foley after meeting through their mutual friend.

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He told his friend Nick for a partner as Nick was familiar with many people. It worked out and he said about his marriage that it was an endless sleepover with his weird friend. He also said that he and his partner Matthew are thinking about expanding their family by having kids. They would like to have little kids running around.

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While not knowing much about this private couple, Lee Pace told about his dating both men and women in the past. In a 2018 interview, he talked about his sexuality. He did not like the media to concentrate on his personal life after the interview went viral.

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In a recent phone interview, he was asked a question that he was not expecting and found himself instantly at a loss for the right words. He told about the protection of his privacy and kept focusing on his work. As a member of the queer community, he understood the importance of living openly, and happily owning who he is.