Black artists always have to go through scrutiny about their blackness. This is unfortunately true for Lizzo. But Lizzo is being strong about it and speaking out in public. She makes sure that her race doesn’t become a barrier to her music and career.


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What was the criticism?

Many people mentioned that Lizzo specifically makes music for white people. Although she is black, her music doesn’t reflect any baldness. This type of criticism is nothing new for Black creators. Even Whitney Huston and Beyonce had to go through this type of words.


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The answer from Lizzo

Lizzo mentioned her stand on this criticism. She says she doesn’t make music for white people. She is a proud black woman, and her music comes from her black experience. Her experience of healing from all the experiences of life makes her music strong.


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Lizzo’s final word

Lizzo unapologetically explained her point of view about her music and the criticism. She said that she would help other people if they needed help from her. As black people are the most marginalized people in the country, she would try to improve their life.