Netflix’s one of the top-ranked reality shows is “Love is blind”. That show has alone introduced so many stars and upcoming celebrities. One of them is Shaina Hurley. She is known for her great relationship with another star of the series “Shayne Jansen ”. But after the show premiered its later version, Shaina mentioned that the rumor about the romantic relationship between her and Shayne is just a rumor.


Credit: eonline

What was the rumor?

It is important to set the record first. In the show “Love is blind”, contestants try to make a relationship to go to the next stage of the competition. So, on the show, Shaina Hurley had a really good connection with another contestant Shayne Jansen. They showed good chemistry on the set of love is blind. But all of these were secret romances, this is just speculation looking at their chemistry. Natalie Lee, Shayne’s ex from the show, is pretty sure about it too.


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What happened next?

On 16th September, the “Love is Blind’ show premiered. After the premiere, Shaina disagreed with the rumor about anything going on between this couple. She mentions that what they have to do on the show is something very common. After people watch it in the show, they will notice the relationship. They are more like buddies, good friends. 


Shayne and Natalie

These two were also a very important part of the show. Their relationship and chemistry brought light to the set. Also, their relationship went so far that they were thinking about marrying each other. Unfortunately, they broke up before the engagement and didn’t attend any program.