This unforgettable Sex and the City character Inspired French actor Lucas Bravo to play the role of Netflix’s Gabriel in Emily in Paris.

Lucas Bravo plays the role of Gabriel in Netflix’s Emily in Paris. In an interview, he recently explained that the unforgettable Sex and the City character inspired this role.

Netflix’s Emily in Paris and Sex and the City Both created by Darren Star. The lead of each series represents a fashion-obsessed career woman with big dreams. Legendary costume designer Patricia Field is responsible for dressing lavish designer clothing for the main characters of these series.

Lily Collins plays the titular character in Emily in Paris. In contrast, 32-year-old French actor Lucas Bravo plays Gabriel as Emily’s neighbor who is at the center of a pretty uncomfortable love triangle. Lucas’s character is a very charming chef in this series. This character reminds viewers of a certain free-spirited Sex and the City character.

Bravo said the role. “I was also a fan of the show and growing up I loved Aidan…His portrayal is this kind of caveman making furniture with his stuff. Since Gabriel is also crafty and is kind of down to earth, to a certain extent, I got inspired by Aidan.”

Emily in Paris is now streaming on Netflix and we hope it will be a great success.