Season 4 of Manifest is now available on Netflix! Fans of the drama series have been waiting for a streamer to save the day and bring it back into existence since its termination, and thankfully, our favorite platform is the one to accomplish it.

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Release date

Manifest season 4 part 1 will be available on Netflix on Friday, November 4. That day has great significance in the series. The first portion of the last season will consist of ten episodes, while the second section will consist of the series’ final ten episodes, which will be published in 2023.

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Seasons of the show

Manifest will only have one more season. Netflix has commissioned a 20-episode final and fourth season of the show, divided into two 10-episode halves. Even though the series had been directed for six seasons, the amazing season finale will be the last.

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Episode numbers

Manifest Season 4 will also include 20 episodes, which is substantially longer than most series on the platform, according to 828 Day. Netflix normally limits each season to 8-10 episodes. The final season will be “presented in portions to be determined,” implying that it would most likely be divided into two or more parts.