After a lot of speculation, the long wait for fans is ending. Prince Harry and Megan have taken part in a long Netflix documentary, and soon this is going to air on the streaming platform. The episodes are arranged in a way that showcases the good time and hard times

during and out of royal life.


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How much do they get paid?

Well, there is no clear answer to that. But this did not stop the fans from speculating how much they earned during the show. By calculating similar types of shows, it is estimated that they have at least made $100 million (£82-88 million).


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The documentary reflects the public love and support

The documentary is going to be including all the love and support this royal couple got in their life before and after getting into the royal family. As they have always mentioned, people who support them are a blessing to them.


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Harry, Megan, and their mixed-race child

A controversy was raised after Megan mentioned that the color of the skin of the baby was a concern for the royal family when they got married. The documentary will also cover this part in elaboration.