Silent isn’t the perfect adjective to describe the actress, Sarah Hyland. This modern family star is always on the fun side. But a few people know about the critical journey she went through during the time of shooting Modern Family. Although the fans didn’t notice any abnormality in her acting or the pace of the series, the star says the health issues made her personal and career life a bit complicated.

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Sarah Hyland has spoken about her kidney dysplasia and transplant journey before. Many think that success has come to her easily, but only the closest of friends and family members know how much she had to suffer during the small, but a glorious lifetime. She mentions the shooting of Modern Family was the escape that kept her going.

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In early puberty, Sarah had kidney failure that made her very sick. He had to go to Kidney dialysis every 2/3 days a week, while she was filming for Modern Family. Sarah was not completely doing better during the time, often she felt so sick on shoot days. Finally, at 21 years of age, the star decided to transplant a kidney. Her father was the donor. Things were good until 4 years ago.

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Her transplanted kidney was rejected by her immune system. She felt miserable and hopeless at the same time. Her younger brother went on to donate his kidney to save Sarah. The struggle that she went through took so much from her life.