The music industry and the taste of music lovers are changing. If you want to be updated on the world of music and get the news, here are some of the music blogs that you can enjoy.


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Music Business Worldwide

This website is not exactly a blog. But it provides various news and details about the current music world. The main purpose of this website is to look for music topics all over the globe. It includes critical analysis, experience, and insights about the music that people are listening to.


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Digital Music News

This is a news coverage media based in Santa Monica. If you are looking for inside gossip and a detailed view of the international music industry, this is the place you want to be. Also, their weekly specials and other features make them unique.


Musician Blog

This wonderful website represents mostly independent music creators and their work. People who don’t work under any large label companies have to face issues; they also have stories to share. This website does it well.


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EARMILK is a USA and Canada-based music site that provides detailed news and features about North American Pop Music. They focus on the industry news and look for the inside stories.