The Twins of Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka celebrate their golden birthday. Their 12 birthday was on 12th October. The whole internet was amused to see the couple arranging and celebrating their kid’s birthdays. This was a special occasion for the family as the kids turned 12, which is also their date of birth.

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More about the birthday

The Uncoupled star Neil shared so many pictures of the birthday celebration on his Twitter account. As this is a major milestone for their family, the joy was pure and the celebration reflected it. He mentioned in the caption that twelve years ago the kids were the best thing that happened to their life.

More about the social media posts

Burtka,47 years of age posted many photos of the birthday party and family photos saying how special the day was for him. For him, they are incredible kids and he wanted nothing more from them. They are sweet, compassionate, and loving at the same time. No parents could ask for more from their children.

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All about the kids

In various shows and interviews, the Broadway actor has mentioned the feeling that he and his partner have about the kids. Their life took a positive turn when they got together as a family. They want nothing more from life after having a happy family.

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