Fans of “Never Have I Ever” are holding their seats, literally. The 3rd and second to last seasons of the series premiered in August this year. And this is going to be epic. This teen drama was everything that we needed. Co-creator Mindy Kaling revealed in March 2022 that the hit show would be coming back to our screens in the summer.

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This Indian-Canadian director mentioned that the whole franchise will only be for four seasons When she was asked why only four seasons for such a popular show? She mentions, “It’s only normal for Devi to go to high school for four years”.

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When it comes to the cast and crew, pretty much all the previous actors are going to be on the show. But it is rumored that some new faces are going to join this season, and fans can’t wait to see who they are and what drama they are going to create.

Hopefully, this season Devi finds her way to act and not create a mess around her anymore. We have observed a lot of development in her character last season, so it is only the option to wait to see what she does next.