New Found Glory’s guitarist Chad Gilbert had his spinal tumor surgery this week and ensured that the surgical procedure went really well. He also removed half a liver, a gallbladder, and one adrenal gland because of his cancer treatment last year.

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This January Gilbert declared that he is cancer free. However, on August 16 he told his fans that he has to undergo another surgery due to his new spinal tumor. The guitarist wrote on his social media about his surgery tomorrow where the tumor will almost get out then he has to go through some fancy radiation to remove what’s left.

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After surgery, he shared a post where he wrote his surgery was done yesterday afternoon. Everything was well. They removed the tumor well. His Pheochromocytomas and paragangliomas tumors are very rare and so they had to adopt a strategic process for the treatment. Two nurses were NFG big fans. They were very kind to him. He had two rods and five screws in his back.

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Gilbert expressed his love for his fans and also thanked them for their support. He departed New Found Glory’s US tour due to severe back pain to have an MRI scan. New Found Glory ensured their US trip for the next month.