Olivia is one of the youngest artists who have owned the hearts of the people in such a short time. Her music speaks to people in a way that people find comfort in it. This year is going to be a great year for her, according to her work schedule.


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Teaser of her new music

As usual, like every artist nowadays, Olivia has announced a small teaser on her Instagram account about her new song. There was no clear direction about the album or anything. The Rock production has collaborated with her and presented a new year’s gift for her fans.


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About the album

According to Olivia, she is very excited about the new album. 2022 was good for her but didn’t present as many songs as she wanted.


Credit: latimes

Career peak and her journey

Olivia is someone who has built herself from nothing. After such hard work and dedication, she has come to where she is today. That is something she is very proud of and thanks her fans every day. She is grateful for 2023 and the support she is getting from her fans.