PETA has requested the US Department of Agriculture to revoke the license of Chris Brown’s monkey dealership. For this purpose, PETA has sent a letter to the authority to stop the selling process of exotic animals.

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In collaboration with Jimmy Wayne Hammonds, Chris Brown took the initiative to sell a capuchin monkey between 2017 and 2018. However, to have possession of the primate is illegal in California.

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According to the court documents Hammonds was paid $12,000 for the monkey. Later law enforcement team seized the monkey from Brown’s California residence. The Florida-based exotic-animal dealer was charged for this illegal sale and transport of primates.

PETA has sent an application to cancel the activity of the dealer’s Animal Welfare Act (AWA). The star hopes that the authority will take the necessary steps to revoke the license permanently. Because without license Hammonds will be unable to sell exotic animals for the pet trade.

PETA Foundation Associate Director Michelle Sinnott said, “Revoking the license of a convicted wildlife trafficker is just common sense, and it’s necessary to protect the animals still in his clutches from being sold as ‘pets,’” The statement also included, “PETA urges the USDA to cancel this felon’s license so he can’t treat monkeys as merchandise.”

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The controversial R&B singer Brown was under police investigation last year. The singer has been accused of assault multiple times.