This was a long-awaited project. There was speculation that Prince Harry might come up with something that would show his past life and the difficulties he had to face. This is not a rumor anymore that the book has hit the bookstores and royal fans are out for it.

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The book title tries to indicate the life of Prince Harry. The chaotic launch of this sensational piece has impacted the royal family too. Although there is no verbal response from the royal family, it is easy to assume they are not happy about the project.

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The book and the series

There is another project coming this year that concerns Prince Harry. Harry and Megan collaborated and took part in a Netflix series that showed their life after marriage and how they were treated in the royal family. This is going to be an excellent year for this couple, as they are on the top of the list of every conversation. 

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Although this book is about Harry’s life, there are topics that are not suited to royal standards. It talks about his experiment with recreational substances and many more that are not appreciated by Royal rules. These issues had raised some controversies among the royal fans.