Tina Brown’s newest book, The Palace Papers, has touched the emotion of the royal family. And for this particular reason, there might be another meeting with Oprah regarding the matter.

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These latest claims that were made got under Meghan’s skin. According to her team, she mentions that she is done with all of this, the negativity is being too much for her. She is ready to fight the major damage. She thinks chatting with Oprah again about this recent issue can help her a big time. She can get some help regarding the narrative.

“The Palace Papers” that Meghan wanted to refute include Brown’s writing that when Prince Harry and Meghan visited Australia and the South Pacific in 2018. She hated the whole narrative. She found the itinerary of engagements pointless.

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Meghan thinks that the role of the British monarchy is being used for a traditional agenda. Rather than focusing on the cause, they are focusing on the sporting they would get by including the Royal family. Meghan certainly noticed the deals that were there because they were royals.

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Regarding this back and forth, fans are expecting a dissection of Brown’s new book with Oprah. And speculations are, that Meghan is already discussing the interview. So, it’s time to sit back and wait for the news.