During spending candid moments during the Invictus Games event, Prince Harry has joked with the athletes about his baldness. He mentioned that he’s “doomed” when it comes to his thinning hair.

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to promote his Invictus Games Prince Harry is filing for a Dutch TV show. The gaming events took place in The Hague. Prince Harry and his wife Meghan Markle have participated in this show to encourage the participants. In this show, Prince Harry joked about his receding hairlines.

When that Dutch athlete Bart van der Burg was applying makeup to his forehead, Prince Harry quipped, “You’ve got a lot more to be done there.” Then Bar van joked, “won’t take a long time” Prince Harry replied, “But you’re slower than me. I’m already…I’m doomed.”

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Earlier Harry’s brother Prince William also poked fun at his balding head. In 2017, Prince William was working with the homelessness charity to support the homeless to get back on their feet. At that time, William shook hands with the men’s hairdressers and said, “I don’t have much hair, I can’t give you much business.”

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Prince Harry was celebrating the winning of the Invictus Games athletes by sharing a hug. He also spent quality time with the winners by playing table tennis and other activities. The Duke of Sussex said, “Life is full of extraordinary gifts and challenges, many that can be seen as lessons. Over time, I’ve learned that how we mentally approach and react to the ups and downs — those gifts and challenges — is what helps to define our own outcome.”