Award season has just begun. Critics and viewers are speculating the nomination and hot gossip about stars and their work. But a recent blockbuster movie has made an impact on British Royals in a different way.

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“Spencer” the introspective film about Princess Diana starring Kristen Stewart as the late royal has created many rumors. As the Oscars approached, there was some possibility that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle might attend the ceremony. But, according to the negative reaction towards the movie “Spencer”, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex might not make an appearance on the red carpet.


Prince Harry is especially appealed to by the film. Megan and Harry, both get invited to various important red-carpet ceremonies. Attending the Oscars will make both of the royal face Christin Stewart, as she is the contender for the Best Actress nomination.

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Fans are already thinking about how the interaction would go. Megan being a professional in the business would be very polite and figure out the way to skip interaction with Christin. But Harry is already considering not attending the Ceremony as his nerves are still raw.