The first Earth shot prize awards ceremony held in October 2020 in London. Now the second Earth shot prize awards ceremony will be taking place in the United States. Every year from 2021 to 2030, Prince William alongside the earth shot prize council, will select the five winners to award the Earth shot prize, whose evidence is generated a new way of thinking in the earth-saving technology system. This solution makes the most progress towards the goals.

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The Earth shot prize has been inspired by president John Kennedy’s “moonshot” program in the 1960s. The Earth shot prize is a global prize, designed to incentivize change and help to repair the environment of the planet over the next years. These are based on five “earth shot” goals: Protect and restore nature, fix the climate, clean the air, revive the oceans and build a waste-free world.

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Therefore, the royal will be the countdown to this important conservation event, and along with them all the global leaders also get set to gather in New York. This Earth shot price was discovered to showcase the most innovative climate solutions and help them spread more quickly. In this day-long conference finalists and winners of last year, inaugural prize ceremony will gather to share their ideas and findings with the public.

Credit: pinkvilla

Kate is a member of the Earth shot prize council. she is also co-hosting this day-long conference. So, during their visit to Boston, the couple will also spotlight and celebrate the “inspiring” city of their work on addressing the impacts of climate change and building a resilient future they said in a statement. Both last visited the U.S in 2014. Their first visit together was shortly after their Royal wedding in 2011 when they headed to Los Angeles. They also making plans for additional engagements, including a pricy fundraising event and a potential visit to Washington, D.C.