A decision was during the celebration of Prince Charles III earlier this week. Previously, Prince Harry and Andrew were the counselors. But, on Monday, King Charles asked the UK parliament to allow his siblings, Princess Anne and Prince Edwards to become the state counselor.


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What more was said?

In the same statement, King mentioned that this is done to make sure of the efficiency of the state. When his majesty would be overseas, or in difficulties, these two royal members can take the responsibility of the post. The action was done according to the state-approved Act and legislation.


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Why this sudden change

During the time of Queen Elizabeth, her majesty, Prince Harry and Prince Andrew were acting as counselors. They were authorized in the position when the Queen was not in the perfect shape to comply with her duty. As it is a different situation now, the new King has appointed new members as counselors.


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Why is the post of a counselor in the first place

This trend of having counselors has been a tradition of the royal family. Usually, the post holder belongs to the royal family, as it is the rule. This is done for the emergency moment. If something happens to the primary rules of the Royal family, they can tackle the situation.