The royal family is working hard for sending Thank you notes to the well-wishers for Princess Charlotte’s seventh birthday. Royal fan @KatsRoyalLetters received a reply from Kensington Palace for her birthday message to Kate Middleton and Prince William’s daughter, who became 7 years old in May. She shared the note, “Thank you for the kind birthday message which you sent for Princess Charlotte’s seventh birthday”. The card contained Princess Charlotte’s three birthday portraits.

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Princess Charlotte was in one of her pictures near Anmer Hall in a bluebell flowers field. In another photo, she hugged their new pet dog, Orla. William and Kate adopted a cocker spaniel raised by Kate’s brother, James Middleton in 2020 after their beloved pup Lupo’s death.

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Princess Charlotte is passing a great year. She joined the royal family Platinum Jubilee celebrations in June. On that occasion, she helped her parents to look after her 4 years old brother Prince Louis. She also had her first solo outing with her parents and joined them at the Commonwealth Games.

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Charlotte was showing off her royal handshake on her big day. She was watching and cheering enthusiastically for the gymnastics swim meet competition, which was her favorite sport. She is also preparing herself for her new school. Her family is shifting from Kensington Palace in London to their new home in Windsor. Their new home is only a 10-minute walk from Queen Elizabeth and near distance from Kate’s parents Michael and Carole Middleton, in Bucklebury, Berkshire.