Recently the Princess of Wales joined the ceremony of Commonwealth with other Royal family members. King Charles was present there too. This was important for the monarch, as this was the first-time event as a king.


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What happened next?

Princess Kate joined the program following all the rules that were necessary for her to follow. But after the ceremony, she left the program too early. According to many Royal family members, this was not the best thing for her to do. This was an important ceremony that needed much importance.


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Why this might be an issue?

There are so many rules for the Royal family. The Family members have to follow it accordingly. As this is the first program of the new king, other family members have to show their gratitude towards him. Being too early to leave is a sign of disrespect.


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Update of Kate

Kate has been very much under the radar for the last few years. There has been no notable presence from Kate regarding the Royal family. Still, Kate is now being scrutinized for her early leave from the occasion. It is hard being a part of the Royal family.