Scoot Bakula, the beloved star, mentions that it was not an easy decision for him to pass the offer for the project. His dedication and love for the series can be seen in the episodes he is in. He has admitted that he is not going to be in NBC’s famous series Quantum Leap.


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So, what happened?

This golden globe winner star confirmed his decision on Friday. In his personal Instagram account, he mentions he will no longer have any affiliation with NBC’s project Quantum Leap. Although he has started as Dr. Sam he will no longer be there. This will leave a huge gap in the plot, as he is one of the main characters that gives the shape of the series.


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Fans Reaction

The worldwide fanbase of Quantum Leap is in shock. They can’t imagine a plot without Dr. Sam. He has been in the show for decades, and many fans can’t watch the show knowing that he is not present there anymore. Fans have posted many reactions to this news. Also, many people supported the decision.


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Bakula’s Reaction

He mentions that there is nothing serious going on. After being on the show for more than 3 decades, he thought it was time for him to move on. After the next pilot script and plot were sent to him, he resigned from the project. He also mentions that the show has been near to him. There was nothing personal against the show.