In the official invitation letter for the King’s coronation, Queen Camilla was able to use her official new title for the first time. She was introduced as the “Queen Consort”. This was done after the death of Queen Elizabeth II last year.

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Using the name title in the official invitation letter

Usually, the Royal family cannot use their title unless they are allowed to. If you already know you are going to have a certain position in the Royal family tree, you still have to wait for the position to be set with you officially. So, the waiting period is done for Queen Camilla. She has invited people by using her official title recently.

Credit: womanandhome

The necessity of the title

This is important to use the right title. This distinguishes the people from one another. Every person in the royal family has their duty and responsibilities that have to be fulfilled. Having the title is the first step to doing so. So, this was an important step for Queen Camilla in the Royal family tradition.

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About the invitation letter

The letter is simple but elegant. It invited the desired people into the ceremony. Moreover, the letter holds the name of the current King and Queen for clarity and to show the importance and gravity of the letter.