After your majesty’s departure, people have been in mourning. In this sad time, a photo of a note sent by the Queen to the Young prince of Wales got viral. The note was for Christmas and the emotion can be seen there.


Credit: dentalschoolscouncil

What was in the note?

It was a Christmas card, in which The Queen wrote her good wishes for Christmas morning to her grandchild. The card simply says, ‘William, I am hoping that you enjoy opening this each day, Granny”. This was an advent calendar, to which many small gifts and cards were attached.


Credit: thediplomaticaffairs

On the way to being viral

This was shared by a Royal fan’s Twitter account yesterday. The post went viral as soon as it got online. Fans from different corners of the world got emotional after seeing this warm gesture from Queen.


Credit: marca

Where was the note before?

It was auctioned in December 2016. This was an expensive purchase, as it was sold for £1,400. After that, no one had a clue where the note was. The Royal experts said that it was a tribute to the Queen after her departure. The Current owner of the note wanted to show their love and gratitude for her.