R Kelly’s accuser claims in court that she was locked up for days before being assaulted. The woman accused R Kelly of racketeering, bribery, and sexual abuse.

Credit: vulture.com

The singer is currently standing trial for violating the Mann Act. This act state that the transportation of any woman or girl across state lines for an “immoral” purpose is a crime. Though the woman charged illegal sexual activity, Kelly has consistently denied all the claims against him. He has also not been guilty of all the charges.

Credit: vulture.com

The woman said in her testimony that she met Kelly in a mall in Utah. At that time, she was an intern at a radio station and was only 21 years old. She thought an interview with Kelly would “kick-start” her career.

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The woman also stated that Kelly had invited her to his studio in Chicago to conduct the interview. Sonja said that Kelly’s staff locked her in a room and raped her. She also claimed that when she woke up, she saw the singer “doing up his pants in the corner”. She also could feel “some wet stuff in between my legs”. Her underwear was allegedly on the sofa. Sonja told the court, “It felt like something had been inside of me. I believed I was touched sexually.” 

R Kelly’s trial has been delayed multiple times due to a coronavirus pandemic.