The British royal family is ‘expecting’ both the Duke and Duchess of Sussex to join the Coronation. According to a reliable source, several relatives have been ‘spitting feathers’ at some of the charges made by Prince Harry in his memoirs and subsequent interviews.

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More about the joining

‘Members of the family have assured me that both Meghan and Harry will come’ a friend of the royal couple stated. He also added, “They fully anticipate it and they should understand that there is just one topic on which many royal family members are ready to speak, and that is the weather.’

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More complications about the meet

Coronation invitations, which include those for Harry and Meghan, are anticipated to be mailed soon. If they do, the Sussexes will be under pressure to decide if they want to attend. Archie, their son, celebrates his fourth birthday on this day. Government officials are making preparations in case Harry decides to participate in the ceremony alone in a hurried 48-hour journey.       

The details about the meet

Any meeting is likely to be cordial since trust between the pair and other members of their family has crumbled since the release of the duke’s explosive book Spare.