At the 36th Annual American Cinematheque Awards, Blake Lively gave an emotional speech about how much of a great dad his husband is. As they together have a family, Rayan comes from work racing to see his kids and wife. Truly, a gentleman.


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More from the speech

The speech contained more stories about his husband and how much of a family man he is. According to her, due to his art, happiness, philosophy, humor, and integrity, they are a happy couples with a family. Every day she wakes up happy just to realize that Rayan is in her life.


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Being a family man

Rayan also explains his feelings about having her family. He loved to go back home for her daughter and wife. When he was asked about coming home from work as soon as possible, he mentioned stories from his previous life about how he used to race back home when he was 19.


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Future of the couple

They have 3 children together. The couple is waiting for their fourth child. In the middle of the year, the couple announced their pregnancy. Their family just looks like one big fairytale story.