Recently famous music celebrity Sam Smith has been getting more attention from the media. Their Music journey and transformation are making them more vibrant in the eyes of people. Unfortunately, many people don’t appreciate this.


Credit: thetimes

Noel Gallagher and Sam Smith

Both of the stars are known for their perspective on art. Recently in a Radio show, Noel has been unnecessarily rude and disrespectful towards Sam. On a question, Noel replied that the pop world would be much more there if the stars were not stupid. It was directed to Sam.



About the misgendering

After that statement, Noel was asked about some stars that he thinks are stupid. Noel responded that he thinks Sam Smith is one of them. When Noel was asked “Why Sam is stupid”, Noel mentioned, “Look at him (Sam)”.


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Why this is an issue

Sam recognizes themselves as a non-Binary person and goes by They/Them. This is not all right, as gender identity is a serious issue. People should respect the chosen gender identity of other people. Noel has shown disrespect to a fellow artist who is just trying to make music and live their life.