On the season 20 premiere of Keeping Up With the Kardashians, Scott Disick revealed an ultimatum that led to the split of him with Sofia Richie.

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Fans can recall that in 2020, the model Sofia Richie called it quits on the three-year relationship with Scott Disick. Though the two stars were spotted together on the Fourth of July weekend celebration. 

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At that time Scott explained that the pair decided to reunite and Sofia said what she requires out of their relationship. It appeared at the time, the pair decided to “take things slow,” and it seems that they were feeling good about the reunion.

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Scott said, “She came to me and explained all the things that made her feel insecure in our relationship and why it was so difficult for her to be in it,” Then he added, “And I feel like she likes being the center of attention…And she goes, ‘In your life, I feel like I’m the last person that gets attention.'”

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Scott continued, “She was super mature about it and said like, ‘I just want to be there for you but, how can we figure things out where I feel comfortable?'” The Flip-It Like Disick star confessed that he was determined to “make our relationship work and make her feel like she’s the priority.”

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Unfortunately, the reconciliation didn’t last long. This short-lived relationship was officially over in August 2020. Scott mentioned that Sofia didn’t want to share him “as a boyfriend with Kourtney.” The 22-year-old influencer issued an ultimatum to Scott. According to the father of three stated, “And then she literally said with an ultimatum, ‘You have to choose me or Kourtney.'”