The pop star Selena Gomez has launched a brand-new mental health platform named Wondermind. She started this project with her mom Mandy Teefey, and Daniella Pierson.

The new online-based project is expected to change the way we think about mental health. Wondermind will send emails daily directly to subscribers that may help them to improve their mental fitness. Selena explained this great initiative, “Being vulnerable and seeking help is one of the most terrifying things in the world…It requires much courage and bravery.”

The official website of Wondermind explained its objectives in this way, “to create a world where caring for your mental health is democratized and destigmatized.” The site also says, “It takes more than an inspirational quote to really change your mindset. Even if you see a therapist (which is amazing), you still need to work on yourself between sessions.”

Wondermind includes everything about mental health. The founders of this online platform shared clips where they shared their own mental health struggles. Mandy said about her misdiagnosis, “Being vulnerable and seeking help is one of the most terrifying things in the world. It requires much courage and bravery.”

Selena also opens up about her bipolar disorder. She said, “I understand what it’s like to be confused and not really understand what are these feelings and emotions coming from. I live with bipolar—I don’t suffer from it anymore. I’m really happy and proud of the progress I have made.”