Selena Gomez, the world-famous pop star has mentioned that the only person she trusts in the whole music industry is Taylor Swift. As she considers her friend. This shocked the fans as they didn’t know about it. 


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Reason for saying that

In an interview, Selena mentioned that the only person who was very supportive from the beginning of her career was Taylor Swift. Taylor supported her when she was having a hard time. Also, she was the one who believed in her when Salena was not having a good time creating music.


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About Tylor Swift

This popular pop star is also very glad for her friendship with Selena. Both of them have a bond that their fans love the most. Taylor has mentioned multiple times how much of a good friend Selena is to her. Recently they both were spotted on a vacation having a good time together.


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Current situation

Usually, in Hollywood, friendships don’t last for long. They get into issues and break their connections. But the friendship between Tylor and Salena has been different. They have been friends for more than 10 years now. Still, there is no sign of a feud between them.