In a candid discussion about her personal life and career, Selena Gomez has been open about her struggles with mental health, lupus, and the pressures of the entertainment industry. The singer and actress has faced numerous challenges, including body shaming, double standards, and a tumultuous relationship with Justin Bieber.

Battling Lupus and Mental Health

During a 2015 interview with Billboard, Selena Gomez revealed her battle with lupus, a chronic autoimmune disease. She underwent chemotherapy and checked into a rehab facility in 2014. Gomez has also been open about her struggles with mental health, discussing her insecurities and fears of losing everything she had worked for in the industry.

Challenging Double Standards and Embracing Body Positivity

Gomez has spoken out against the double standards that exist in the entertainment industry for female artists. She has also been a strong advocate for body positivity, sharing TikToks of herself in swimsuits and designing a swimsuit for her friend’s swimwear line, La’Mariette. The singer has been candid about the impact of social media body shaming on her mental health and has taken breaks from Instagram for her own well-being.

Overcoming Unrealistic Beauty Standards and Personal Struggles

With over 411 million followers on Instagram, Selena Gomez is currently the most followed woman on the platform. She has used her influence to challenge unrealistic beauty standards in Hollywood and address body shaming. Gomez has also opened up about her nine-year battle with lupus and mental health struggles in her documentary, My Mind & Me.

Supporting Others Through Her Experiences

Through her openness about her personal struggles, Selena Gomez has become a role model for others facing similar challenges. By sharing her journey, she hopes to inspire others to embrace their natural bodies, prioritize their mental health, and challenge the double standards that exist in the entertainment industry.