As the new year has arrived, new series on Netflix have also arrived. This is a good year for the Netflix series, as so many interesting series are on the way to being published. Here are some of the suggestions for the new series to watch.


The Recruit

This is a drama series that also incorporates comedy and thriller. This is going to be a mixed series that has everything. The heartthrob Noah Centineo’s appearance has made this series more appealing to the viewers.


Credit: tvinsider

Dragon Age: Absolution

This is a six-episode series, based on an animation form. This is an inspired work by BioWare’s Dragon Age game franchise. The series depends on the 6 thieves. All of them fight over a serious thing, and the rest of the story explains various sides of their characteristics.  


Credit: ign


This is already a hit series on Netflix. In case you haven’t watched it, this is a continuation of Adams’s family franchise. This horror, gothic, and comedy series will make your time worth it.


Credit: elle


Another popular series is recommended for people who have not watched it. This is a mystery-thriller series that would make people think about the dark side of life more.