Nowadays a wide number of streaming platforms are presenting numerous shows and series. Viewers have many options to choose from based on their preferences. But the situation Tv programs were not as easy as it seems now. Many artists, directors, producers, technicians, and engineers contributed a lot to developing the TV shows. Some iconic and influential TV shows are still remembered for their brilliant idea and excellent presentation. Here are some glimpses of those TV shows.


This show became an instant cult classic that presented the zingy mix of pop culture of 2001. This Simon Pegg and Jessica Stevenson-created show ended just after airing 14 episodes. But its popular geek culture has influenced the viewers a lot and became one of the most popular shows of that time.

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Viewers loved this classic show as a perfect combination of warm humor and an authentic British lifestyle. It especially presented a beautiful snapshot of Black British life. The British-Guyanese casting led by Norman Beaton made this show more approachable. It initiated airing in 1989 and continued till 71 episodes.

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The Big Breakfast

With great presentation and youthful content, this wonderful breakfast show has a great impact on our regular breakfast routines. It was aired from 1992 to 2002. presenters Chris Evans, Gaby Roslin, Johnny Vaughan, and Denise van Outen have made this show popular among the students. Its raucous post-pub energy initiated a new morning menu for the young generations.

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