Popular, but controversial music artist who is also known as “Ye” is facing a hard time. After his statement about the “Black Lives Matter” movement, many brands have cut off their connection with him. Spotify is the only company that publicly differed on this issue.


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What happened?

The Black Lives Matter movement is very important for African Americans right now. Kanye being a Black artist, should have supported the movement. Unfortunately, he publicly tweets that he doesn’t find the underlying meaning of this movement and doesn’t support it. So, companies are cutting ties with him.


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About Spotify

Spotify is the only company that publicly mentioned his situation and did not detach them from the affiliation. According to the company, they only share Kanye’s music on their app, not his opinion. Also, they mentioned that his music doesn’t violate the policy of their business model.


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Situation of Kanye

After his controversial statement about the Black Live Matters movement, he has lost so many partnerships with companies. It resulted in him getting down from the wealthiest people list. Moreover, after the divorce from Kim Kardashian, he is not having a good time.