Among Netflix’s biggest hits, “Stranger Things” has made a reckless boost again. Over five hours longer than the previous season, “Stranger Things” has just released season Four which is more disturbing than ever in a good way. The company has invested a huge budget as usual. But this time it is different, they are doing something special.

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More importantly, the series has incorporated surprising dramatic purpose, on the assumption that its viewer has grown since the release of season one. The viewers who were 12 years old at that time are now 18, and ready for some dark tun on the series.

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One of the series was spooky but had essential thrillers. After Steven Spielberg has taken the steering wheel in his hand, the series is going to take a very serious turn. Full-blown horror inspired by The Exorcist and A Nightmare on Elm Street is expected.

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The new season of “Stranger Things” does not limit itself to the gruesome special effects. The opening sequence includes a reflection on how damaged Hawkins is. Let us hope that the new season of stranger things is bigger, older, and as loveable as ever.