Fans have been waiting for the sew season of stranger things. And they are not upset with the season. Darkest, creepiest, and gruesome; these were the reactions of fans when they saw the new season.

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And that says a lot after the previous seasons. Season 3 was an exceptional return after season 2. The pitch-perfect Starcourt Mall, Lucas’ sassy little sis Erica, Slurpee-chugging Alexei, and the friendships are the central plot of this season.

This season is the greatest hit of the whole franchise, including a return to its bleak, sometimes squirm-inducing horror roots. The eye-watering friendships are still there with the comic relief in between all the serious moments. But the main theme of the show runs in every episode, acing past trauma and not so metaphorical demons.

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Stranger Things is building the plot towards its endpoint, mining the biggest evils yet from the depths of the Upside Down to push its young. Season 4 is being overstuffed by horror and a sinking feel of reality. But hitting the sweet spot with 80s nostalgia in a spooky CGI scene is the most charismatic scene that anyone could ask for. The experience of watching Stranger Things 4 is been overwhelming to many but in a good way.

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Season 4 kicks off with the core Stranger Things crew scattered across the globe. It was thought that Hopper died in season 3. But now is shown that he has been held captive in Russia. Moreover, Joyce, Will, Jonathan, and El have moved to California. Meanwhile, the story starts to morph into a new direction with new twists and drama.