The popular series on Netflix “stranger things” has become a worldwide sensation. People are speculating how the show would end as the producer of the show has mentioned it. The main star of the series, Millie Bobby Brown has mentioned that the ending of the show should be a musical.


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What is the writer saying about it?

This summer, the last season of Stranger Things is taking its shape. Season 5 will be the last one that the writer has to complete. After the cliffhanging ending in season 4 people are expecting more from them. Milli expects the ending should be a musical number and she is interested to write it.


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About Millie

When the final episodes were being prepared in the writer’s room, Millie mentioned to the media that she would love to be a writer in the show. As she has a love for the series, she wants to contribute to the show too. Also, this British star is more interested in a musical episode.


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More about her journey

Millie Bobby Brown got her start in the famous show Stranger Things. After that, she didn’t have to look behind. Several Netflix series and many films have knocked on her doorstep. Moreover, she is doing great as people are liking her work.