For the last 20 years, the famous show “Survivor” has been pushing out reality stars one by one. They had to live in the most inhospitable environment to prove their skills. Most of the players were unable to stay and thrive for a long time. But it was the winners who made it through and won $1 million. In addition, it is not only tackling the bad weather but also a mind game with other people who are on the spot. Here are a few of the winners of “Survivor” and what they have decided to spend their $1 million cash on.

Ethan Zohn, winner of ‘Survivor: Africa’ 

Zohn invested his money in Grassroot Soccer. It is a non-profit organization that helps children in Africa. With the winning prize, he was able to combine his two great passions; soccer and charity.

Credit: nj

Earl Cole, winner of ‘Survivor: Fiji’ 

Cole is another winner of Survivor who has spent his money on charity. He created a non-profit organization called “Perthes Kids Foundation”. This foundation works for children who have “Legg Calve Perthes” Disease. Cole was inspired by his child who also has the disease.

Yul Kwon, winner of ‘Survivor: Cook Islands 

One of the memorable winners of Survivor is Yul Kwon. Although his season had a lot of controversies, he won everyone’s heart with his kindness. He used his money to help victims of domestic violence.

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Tina Wesson, winner of ‘Survivor: ‘Australian Outback’

This survivor winner had a very normal life after winning the Survivor. She ended up utilizing the prize money to build her dream cabin and still living there.

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